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Field Sales Force App: How to Transform Field & Van Sales Performance for Higher Sales and Revenue

Field Sales Force App

‘Field Sales’ is a traditional term that sums up all the activities & tasks carried out by your Sales Team on ground. From visiting various distributors & retailers to executing marketing campaigns and taking feedback from consumers, field sales staff carry out a lot of distribution & retail activities.

As & how businesses grow, field sales or van sales staff finds it difficult to keep a track of their appointments and increased difficulty to plan sales visits manually. Relying on obsolete methods might increase the chances of missing out on important meetings and gradually reducing sales rep efficiency.

Make your field sales representatives more productive with the best field sales reporting application, Entegrated Sales Force Application by industry experts at Entegrated Solution. This complete field sales mobile application is another side of using end-to-end Distribution Management Solution.

Entegrated Field Sales App streamlines your Field Force/Field Sales or Van Sales Team and enables you to get insights on the activities in real time.

In this article, experts at Entegrated Solution showcase the importance of this easy-to-use enterprise solution that is designed to automate & monitor your Field Sales Processes, even when there is no internet connectivity.

What is Entegrated Field Sales Force Application?

Entegrated Field Sales Force Application streamlines a multitude of field activities such as –

  • Contacting Prospects
  • Visiting Distributors and Retailers
  • Executing Visual Merchandising Campaigns
  • Collecting orders while trying to upsell/cross sell
  • Leveraging company’s schemes and offers
  • Getting real-time sales updates
  • Automating sales processes & much more

This user-friendly mobile application is the extension of our Entegrated Distribution Management Solution that offers complete visibility & control to distributors & retailers across industries & domains.

Enhance the productivity of your Field Sales or Van Sales representatives by effectively managing different aspects of retailer visits. Boost employee behavior and optimize business costs with this innovative application that offers your business with an innovative set of functions that simplifies everyday tasks performed by your sales force.

Why Entegrated SFA is the Right Choice for your Growing Business?

Entegrated SFA Mobile Application for iOS & Android lets you track & monitor your sales staff performance with real-time insights that directly reflect on your Distribution Management Solution dashboards.

The feature that makes Entegrated SFA stand out is that your Sales Force can keep working on this application even if they lose Internet connectivity.

Below are some of the many benefits of Entegrated SFA which make it the ideal choice for your growing business:

Automate Sales Processes with Enterprise Mobility

  • Plan your business operations in advance with automated order processes
  • Ease workload, save time of employees, maintain clear accountability & streamline sales tasks
  • Divert your employee towards more important tasks and prevent diverting your workforce in mundane tasks
  • Define clear roles & execute field activities swiftly

Stay Connected even on-the-go

  • Ensure real-time business communication & team collaboration by connecting web & mobile dashboards
  • Manage the sales funnel by keeping employees connected over internet

Manage Daily Attendance & Schedule

  • Locate your field sales or van sales rep and keep a track on daily happenings
  • Automatically mark attendance and click real-time pictures when your are on designated routes with geo-attendance technology
  • Keep tabs on all the meetings of the day with details like time, location and more

Plan ‘Smart Routes’ with Daily Appointment Reminders

  • Mark important meetings on the Maps with GPS Map enabled technology
  • Take best routes and save time, cost with proper planning
  • Block your calendar with all the meetings of the day
  • Receive auto reminders & notifications for important meetings and never miss an opportunity

Entegrated Field Sales Application streamlines sales processes and activities, improves field sales/van sales efficiency, eliminates stockouts and allows companies to access real time data from sales reps.

Keep Your Sales Teams Up-to-Date with Entegrated SFA Today!

Entegrated SFA boosts your sales employee efficiency. Implement this scalable enterprise solution to achieve high performance in even the most fragmented & volatile marketplace.

This is where Entegrated Solution comes in! Industry Experts at Entegrated Solution with 21+ years of industry experience have conceptualized & developed this Sales Force mobile application that provides complete visibility of your sales representatives. It readily integrates with your existing solution ecosystem .

Are you ready to transform your sales processes with us? Get in touch with the best Field Sales Force Application experts in India, Entegrated Solution. Call +91 7948998911 (India), Whatsapp +254 111229970 (Kenya), Call +1 469 915 6026 (North America) or drop an E-mail at info@entegratedsolution.com


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