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Smartphones & Mobile Devices

Smartphones and mobile device field sales and distribution management solution to streamline distribution process, sales & retail store management

Best Field Sales & Distribution Management Solution
for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Smartphone and mobile devices industry is witnessing a slight reduction in sales post pandemic as the consumers are still being more cautious and reduced their spending on luxury items like smart phones and tablets. In fact, even global supply line disruptions are still ongoing.

Software development slow downs, components and spare parts shortage, OEM factory shutdowns, quarantine mandates, logistics, bottlenecks in production of handsets and slow roll-out of new devices are some of the many challenges faced by this industry in the past few years.

Using Wonder Distribution Solution, we help you resolve the burning challenges of smartphones and mobile devices businesses by implementing comprehensive field sales and distribution solutions.

Challenges of Smartphones & Mobile Devices Businesses

Industry challenges

Entegrated Solution for Smartphones & Mobile Devices Businesses

Wonder Distribution Solution

Wonder Distribution Solution is a software solution suite that transforms the distribution cycle and optimizes distribution network performance across channels.

Distribution Management Software

Our Powerful and Intuitive Wonder Distributor Management Solution manages everything from processing orders to inventory levels. Manage distribution cycle and track sales activity.

Field Force Management Solution

Keep your Van Sales as well as Field Sales teams productive, up-to-date with clear targets, faster approvals and gain better business visibility with market-trusted Wonder Field Sales App.

Point of Sale Billing Software

Wonder PoS software lets you simplify billing cycles, record business transactions and obtain powerful business Insights with efficient Retail Billing Solutions.

POS Solution

Control and Monitor all the distribution workflows and gain full visibility of all the business transactions with Wonder Distribution Management Solution (DMS). Wonder DMS is an Integration ready software with SAP ECC & SAP Business One and Tally ERP.

Features of Wonder Distribution Solution
for Smartphones & Mobile Devices Companies

Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows Based on Employee Roles

Dynamic Scheme Management

Dynamic Scheme Management for Quick Distributor Incentives

Data Synchronization

Real time Data Synchronization for Centralized Monitoring

Works on Online/Offline Mode

Online & Offline Continuity with Automatic Data Synchronization

MIS Reports

Strong Daily MIS Reporting Across Distribution Channels

Inventory Management

Inventory Management to balance stocks vs sales &

On-Shelf Inventory Tracking

Get visibility on freshness of on-shelf products to maintain product quality

Centralized Monitoring

Thorough Distributor Performance Assessment with centralized monitoring

Instant E-Billing

E-Billing Feature with Email/SMS alerts to Retailers & Distributors

Van Sales Visibility

Van Sales Route Planning & Performance Monitoring

Features of Point of Sale Software for Smartphones & Mobile Devices Retail

Features of Point of Sale

The best Point of Sale software solution for your Smartphones & Mobile Devices distribution &
manufacturing business. It integrates seamlessly with your existing solutions and is compatible with any Smartphone or Mobile Device. 

Integrations with

Connected Solutions We Offer

Vendor Management Software

Develop and manage a comprehensive Vendor Management Process and maintain successful long-term supplier relationships with Wonder Vendor Management Portal. This product can also be easily integrated with Accounting Software, ERP solution or other software solutions. In addition, it offers

Vendor Management Solution
Human Resource Management System

Customer Service Requests Solution

Streamline the workflow of your customer service operations and improve your support team’s productivity while improving the overall customer satisfaction using Wonder Customer Service Solution. Capture customer service requests and manage them all the way to resolution.

Field Service Technician App

Automate your service workflow and improve the efficiency of your Field Service Teams with the help of Wonder Field Service Technician App. In addition, increase longevity of high-value consumer durables or retailer assets. Capture customer service requests for asset maintenance and manage them all the way to resolution.

Vendor Management Solution
Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management Software

Track and manage employee activities, attendance, performance and payrolls using Wonder HRMS. It tracks employee activities so you can stay informed on the internal operations at all times.

Why We Recommend Wonder Distribution Solution
for Electric Peripherals Companies

Fast Implementation

Affordability with Fast Turnaround Time

Custom Industry Implementation

Professionals with 21+ Years of Industry Expertise

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integration with your existing Solution Ecosystem

Total Visibility

End-to-end Operational Visibility of Distribution & Sales

Streamline field sales and distribution processes with centralized monitoring for smartphones and mobile manufacturers & distributors