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Ceramics, Tiles & Bathware

Successful distribution channel & inventory management with the best sales and distribution solution for ceramics, tiles and bathware

Best Sales and Distribution Solution for Ceramics, Tiles & Bathware Manufacturers & Distributors

The ceramics, tiles and bathware industry suffers from a high wastage of resources, unorganized distribution of finished products to vendors, improper management of SKUs and lack of quality control measures.

In addition, due to the lack of any mechanism to track prices and inability to manage or forecast inventory levels, many businesses suffer at the hands of more organized competitive brands in the Ceramics, Tiles & Bathware industry.

Wonder Solutions are our answer to your burning distribution and secondary sales challenges to streamline distribution network and inventory management. Say goodbye to siloed distribution networks and poor sales performance with Wonder Distribution Solutions powered by experts at Entegrated.

Challenges of Ceramics, Tiles & Bathware Businesses

Industry challenges

Wonder Distribution Solution for Ceramics, Tiles & Bathware Businesses

Get to know everything that goes on from manufacturing to craftsmen turnaround time to distribution and delivery using the best distribution management solution for Ceramics, Tiles & Bathware.

Whether you’re an SME ceramics, tiles and bathware manufacturer or are operating at a large scale, Distribution Management Solution is customized keeping your unique business needs in mind.

We understand that you need to ensure safe handling of all your goods prior to delivery. The high cost of inventory maintenance can be optimized while ensuring your retailers are satisfied with multiple samples per product.

Wonder distribution solution offers you the power to control & monitor :

Distribution Solution takes care of a variety of such needs and more. You get to enjoy top-notch quality control while running a tight ship with total visibility across your distribution and secondary sales processes.

Control and Monitor all the distribution workflows and gain full visibility of all the business transactions with Distribution Management Solution (DMS). DMS is an Integration ready software with SAP ECC & SAP Business One and Tally ERP.

Integrations with

Connected Solutions We Offer

Wonder Vendor Management Software

Develop and manage a comprehensive Vendor Management Process and maintain successful long-term supplier relationships with Vendor Management Portal. This product can also be easily integrated with Accounting Software, ERP solution or other software solutions. In addition, it offers

Vendor Management Solution
Human Resource Management System

Wonder Human Resource Management Software

Streamline the workflow of your customer service operations and improve your support team’s productivity while improving the overall customer satisfaction. Capture customer service requests and manage them all the way to resolution.

Why We Recommend Wonder Distribution Solutions for Your
Ceramic, Tiles & Bathware Business

Inventory Transparency

Complete Visibility on Variant Inventory Stock vs Sales

Regular Alerts

Alerts & Announcements about New & Discontinued Variants

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integration with your existing Solution Ecosystem

Operational Visibility

End-to-end Operational Visibility of Distributor & Sales

Adopt organized and aggressive secondary sales strategy with visibility using the best sales & distribution solution