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Wonder Vendor Management Solution

Develop and manage a comprehensive Vendor Management Process and maintain successful long-term vendor relationships with the best Vendor Management Software

Fast & Efficient Vendor Management Software Solution

Communicate with your vendors in a secure, online environment and maintain business relationships with the best Vendor Management Solution. This self-service vendor management solution improves efficiency and lowers operating costs. Vendors can access the portal 24*7 via secure login.


Packed with powerful features, Wonder Vendor Management Solution seamlessly integrates with your existing solution ecosystem. It can also be easily customized to fit all your industry needs.

Take charge of the type of Vendors you want to solicit by specifying vendor evaluations in line with your company’s existing policies and business needs

Configure preferred set of delivery terms from the start to proceed with the deal with utmost transparency on both ends

Make the best choice from all data at hand by comparing quotes from multiple vendors all while getting clarity on their current stock & inventory maintained

Move and divert all research and data gathering functions back to the suppliers allowing your vendors to find the data and information that they need reducing workload on your resources

Track payments and get real-time updates, past data and related documentation in the portal anytime

Stay aware of Vendor Performance, Mishaps or other Details by accessing summary or detailed reports that can directly be exported to excel

Stay updated with operations through alerts at each stage of the purchase and procurement cycle right from requisition to inquiry to dispatch and delivery

Vendor Management Software Features

Competitive Advantages of Using Wonder Vendor Management Solution

Streamline Procurement

Align the purchase process with this secure management system to maintain your entire suppliers network

Secure Online

Vendor Portal provides excellent opportunity to work and communicate with your suppliers in a smart and efficient and secure online environment

Minimizing Manual

Automate the procurement process by removing the manual efforts with Vendor Portal also reducing the scope of clerical errors

Seamless Integration with your ERP Purchase Modules

Auto-populate data from your ERP or to your ERP depending on your business processes to keep information consistent throughout

Reduced Internal Sources

Address Invoice payment related queries and questions in a time-efficient vendor self-service environment

Industries We Serve

Wonder Vendor Solution seamlessly integrates with your existing solution ecosystem. In addition, it is packed with several powerful features that makes it easy for you to keep total visibility and control over your vendor management processes.

We offer custom Vendor Management Solution for these industries

Who is Wonder Vendor Solution ideal for?

Best suited for companies with a thriving distribution network
& several registered vendors at their disposal.

Vendor Management Software is Ideal for

Procurement Issues Wonder Vendor Solution Resolves

Complex Vendor Ecosystem

You can be Prone to compliance and security risks by Engaging with hundreds of vendors. Mitigate vendor risks by categorizing vendors based on their strategic value

Lack of Proper Visibility

The vendor contracts are assigned to the specific teams involved and rest of the departments are not involved creating a confusion or lack of proper visibility

Difficulty in Report Generation

Without a vendor portal data collection and generating reports can get difficult and monotonous as no proper MIS reports system is available

Manual Vendor Payments & Invoices

Manual tracking of vendor payments carries a huge risk of errors leading to disputes and dissatisfied suppliers without a proper software

Why We Recommend Wonder Management Solution for Your Company

Clear Requirements Communication

DMS Solution helps users optimize their time so they can focus on enhancing client deliveries

Gain Complete Visibility

A pro-active DMS software is required to counter cost challenges to meet recurring business demands

Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Self-service DMS solution becomes essential to generate customized reports on real time basis

Easy Payments

Transfer of real-time information from leaf-level and vice-versa making easier business decisions

Integrations with

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The best Vendor Management Solution to maintain successful long term vendor and supplier relations while increasing procurement efficiency