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Customer Service Requests Software Solution

Multi-channel user friendly service request system for efficient customer service

The Best Customer Service Requests Solution for Top-Notch Customer Service

Entegrated Customer Service Requests solution is designed to track and collect customer support interactions from different business functions and various interaction channels – calls, emails, social
media, live chat, in-app mobile chat, SMS, messaging apps and more.

Streamline the workflow of your customer service operations and improve your support team’s productivity along with improving the overall customer satisfaction. Capture customer service
requests and manage them all the way to resolution.


Packed with powerful features, Customer Service Requests solution offers your helpdesk and support teams with a cutting-edge advantage for total customer satisfaction.

Streamline work with ticket views

Create custom ticket or service request views with multiple filters like priority, status, type, company name and more

Automatically prioritize and assign tickets

Automate repetitive tasks like routing support requests, updating ticket status & service requests follow-up with custom workflows

Manage SLAs and meet deadlines

Set up SLA based protocols across your service team for quick response to tickets to remind agents to escalate issues to managers

Easy tracking and monitoring

Measure agent performance with role-based access to daily report logs and cumulative reports and real-time tracking dashboards

Automated Ticket Prioritization

Automate ticket prioritization based on changes in ticket status or service algorithm parameters


Process incoming tickets and assign tickets with appropriate tags for agents to choose tickets based on experience and skills

Time Tracker

Monitor the amount of time your support agents spend on each help desk ticket with the time tracking feature. The time added to tickets can be exported to create invoices and bill customers.

Integrated Customer Service Ticketing Helpdesk Software Features

Competitive Advantages of using our Helpdesk Ticketing Solution

Integration with Leading CRMs and ERPs

Integration-ready customer service request solution allows your agents to have custom conversations for personalized query resolution

Avoid Repeating Someone Else’s Work

Prevent multiple agents from working on the same support ticket. Notify agents when other agents are viewing or typing a reply on the same ticket.

Resolve Issues with Team Collaboration

Loop the right agents, drop proper notes and share ticket ownership to offer faster ticket resolutions with team collaboration.

Easy Individual & Team Reports

Get live dashboards, one click reports & real-time customizable analytics and monitor important metrics

Industries We Serve

As the best customer service ticketing solution, this solution is ideal for BPOs, KPOs and businesses with a small or thriving customer service centre. It has been conceptualised & developed by industry experts with 21+ years of experience.

Whitegoods & Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Electrical Peripheraps

Electronic Accessories

Smartphones & Mobile Devices

Automotive & Spare Parts

Who is the Customer Service Requests Solution ideal for?

Customer Service Requests Solution is ideal for service environments that have constant changes in workflows. IT and Customer Service teams commonly use a service request system to manage the workflow in conjunction with the service desk. Improve the delivery services to your customers with this solution.
Distribution Management Software ideal for

Typical Customer Service Challenges that
Customer Service Requests Solution solves

Handling numerous requests from different channels and constant interruptions

Heavy inflow of service requests leading to long queues and waiting times from multiple channels lead to frustration and rifts in the service experience

Long resolution times and lost issues

Instant troubleshooting can create chaos when the customer service desk is receiving too many requests adversely affecting productivity

Recurring Customer Issues

Unresolved and recurring customer issues without proper record-keeping and data analysis tools can lead to wastage of time and resources

Repetitive & Time Consuming Tasks

Lack of automated resolution to frequently asked questions and issues suppresses your team’s potential while incurring heavier costs

Direct Business Benefits of using Customer Service Requests Solution

Improved Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by streamlining your customer service workflows for more efficient helpdesk and support teams

Streamlined & Efficient Resolution Processes

Organize and catalogue a high volume of support cases and manage multiple issues at once with labelled and prioritized incoming tickets

Improved Staff Productivity

Make your service reps more productive and catch up on the latest issues with easy role-based access to customer request historical data

Improved Customer Retention

Provide timely resolutions to your increasing their satisfaction levels boosting their loyalty towards your brand

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Enterprise Service Requests Solution for top-notch customer service with seamless integrations into your existing solution ecosystem