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Popular Indian F&B Snacks Manufacturer Goes
Digital Across Distributor Network for Expansion

Well-known F&B Snacks Manufacturer implemented end-to-end DMS, SFA & PoS solutions for 2X rise in Sales Productivity & Greater Market Share in New Region

Company Overview

The company is a leading snacks and Namkeen manufacturer and distributor with an extensive product portfolio encompassing ready-to-eat and instant snacks, chips and spices at convenient package sizing.The company is a popular ready to eat manufacturer with a strong cold chain and distributor with an extensive product portfolio encompassing frozen foods and frozen desserts.

Their strength is retaining local flavour while operating at international standards.

Distribution Channel

The company has appointed (Carry and Forward Agents) CFA who play a vital role in connecting the company with leading regional, state and zonal distributors, super stockists and dealers. CFA helps in passing the goods from company to dealers who in turn pass these goods to retailers from where the end-customer purchases this product.

Dealers inform CFA agents about material requisitions who in turn inform the company about material requisitions. The CFAs provide goods to dealers.


End-to-End Solution

We provided an End-to-End solution to our client successfully countering all their unique business challenges. With industry standardization and business customization, we created an end-to-end ecosystem that is user friendly, low maintenance and cost-effective with a high return on investment. All our software solutions seamlessly integrated with their existing solution ecosystem further enhancing their visibility, outreach and operations.

Distribution Management Software
Distribution Management Software serves as a holistic solution with ease-of-use and increased scalability. This solution works best with Field Force Management Software/ Sales Force Automation Application used by Field Sales or Van Sales.
Field Sales Mobile Application
Field Sales Mobile Application is simply another side of the Distribution Management Software. Essentially, this iOS/android mobile app lets your Field Sales/Van Sales Team receive instructions, report back & connect to supervisors for quick approvals.
Point of Sale Software for Retailers
This Point of Sale Software is used primarily at a retail store and on any device transforming it as the complete billing system. Simplified Online & In-Store Retail Sales Experience with our PoS Software. Manage Sales, Inventory, Payments, Analytics & Reporting wherever you sell.
Field Service Technician Mobile Application
This mobile service management application can be accessed from anywhere at any time by your service technicians/engineers. As an enterprise service technician app, this solution is customized keeping your unique service flow in mind.

Approach & Implementation

8 Weeks Turnaround Time

No Upfront Hardware Costs

Extended User Trainings

Post Implementation Hand-holding

Extended Annual Maintenance


Going Digital in Sales & Distribution with End-to-End solution has led the company to preserve business continuity across distribution network even during supply chain and logistics disruptions during the pandemic. They have been able to successfully adjust their commercial strategy and reach desired target markets through their distribution network.

The Management now has total visibility into their distribution network. All distribution processes right from CFA, Distributor, Dealers to Field Sales Operations and Retail are now transparent.

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