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Wonder Human Resource Management Solution

The best HRMS to streamline your HR and Payroll Management with improved employee engagement for a motivated workforce and efficient HR processes

The Best Human Resource Management Software for
Efficient HR Processes

Wonder HRMS Solution organizes internal HR functions from employee data management to payroll to employee benefits to employee
attendance, performance and exit documentation. Manage the modern workforce by streamlining the employee information in front of the people who need them using the best custom HRMS for your business.

In addition, it provides an employee self-service portal letting employee’s login and view important information in regards to their leaves & attendance. In addition, role-based access to team leads, managers and directors further streamlines your HR workflows and processes.

Make employee profiles and view employee personal information, job designation and salary history, banking and tax details, time-in time-out requests, leave calendars and much more. Now, it is easier than ever to streamline HR function with consolidated employee information.


Wonder HRMS is integration-friendly & packed with powerful features to streamline your HR department entirely using a single solution.

Simplified Payroll Processing

Complete Payroll Management that optimizes costs ensuring timely payroll processes

Manage your Employees Globally

Single consolidated solution to manage your HR Function globally

Redefined Employee Experience

Keep the HR Compliance in place & make time-tracking processes smooth

Powerful Data Analytics

Generate & analyze data to get a clear, transparent business view into your HR data

Human Resource Management Solution Features

Competitive Advantages of using Wonder HRMS

Streamline HR

Empower HR and Recruitment department to well-organize new hires, employee onboarding and performance management using a single solution

Unified Access

Access to every employee based on individual profile allowing them to view & manage attendance, leaves and maintain personal profile


Systematic role-based access control preserves data integrity and strengthens security protocols

Integration Ready

This Human Resource Management solution is integration-ready for your existing solution ecosystem in place

Industries We Serve

Wonder Human Resource Management Solution is the best HRMS solution since it has been conceptualized & developed by industry experts with 22+ years of experience who are well versed with diverse domains.

We offer custom HRMS implementation for these industries

Who is Wonder HRMS ideal for?

Pretty much everyone, especially, companies who are tired of recurring issues like maintaining & managing employee data, haphazard time management, increased labor turnover and error-prone payroll, are best suited to using this HRMS solution.

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Business Challenges that Wonder HRMS Solves

Maintaining & Managing Employee Data

Organizations finding it difficult to record, maintain, update & retrieve employee records on time

Haphazard Time & Attendance Management

Companies struggling with lack of streamlined HR processes and timely approvals leading to haphazard time, attendance & payroll management

Increased Labor Turnover Rate

Increased Labor Turnover rate with high operational costs due to lack of proper employee development & engagement plans

Error-Prone Manual Payroll Management

Cumbersome and error-prone manual payroll management leading to longer payment cycles and reduced employee motivation

Direct Business Benefits of using Wonder HRMS Solution

Manage your Own HR Activities

Manage in-time and out-time, receive faster approvals from managers; update requests and alerts in real-time

Get Real-time Insights on HR Reports

Fetch role-based instant attendance authorization, leave, claim & travel allowance approvals reports about the employees anytime anywhere

Enhance Overall Work Environment

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business by streamlining manual HR tasks and empower managers to make better decisions

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Get the best HRMS solution to streamline Payroll & Human Resource Management efficiently and affordably with seamless Integrations