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Point of Sale Software for Retail

Simplify Billing Cycles, Record Business Transactions & Obtain Powerful Business Insights with the Best PoS Software for Retail Chains

The Best Point of Sale Software for Retail Billing

Point of Sale Software Solution is used primarily at the Point of Sale, at a retail store and on any device transforming it as the complete billing system. As the best Point of Sale Software Solution for Retail Billing, this solution lets you keep a track of your sales and inventory levels by recording every transaction taking place in your business.

It can seamlessly be integrated with your existing ERP or software ecosystem in no time. In addition, it works equally proficiently as a standalone solution.

As an Integrated end-to-end solution, we recommend that companies use it as a part of Distribution Solution – together with DMS and Sales App to drive across a consistent and consolidated user and customer experience throughout your entire distribution cycle.

Simplified Online and In-Store retail sales Experience with PoS Software. Manage your Sales, Inventory, Payments, Analytics and Reporting wherever you sell.


We offer the best POS software for retail billing since it is equipped with a diverse set of features that are customized to your unique specific business requirements. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with your existing software solution ecosystem.

Quick Billings

Manage your supplies faster by generating and sharing Bills to your customers/suppliers and get paid faster

No Compatibility Issues

Run PoS Software on multiple screens and access your business seamlessly from anywhere as it is desktop and mobile friendly

Track and Manage Expenses

Generate Expense Reports to understand and strategize your future payments and save time while filing for tax returns

Realtime Reporting & Insights

Create Sales, Inventory, cash flows and GST Reports with our PoS Software and prepare business strategy accordingly.

Point of Sale Software Features

Competitive Advantages of using Wonder PoS Software

Fast and Accurate
Billing System

Generate multiple Invoices, Challans Order Forms and more through a comprehensive billing system Instantly with Point Of Sale Software

Easy Access to
Sales Data

Get quick and easy business Insights of all the sales reports and monitor critical business information anytime anywhere

Boost Sales

Minimize manual efforts to complete sales transactions and shift your focus to more customercentric decisions with PoS Software

Industries We Serve

Entegrated PoS software solution is the best Point of Sale Solution for retail stores, garment shops, grocery
stoes, ice cream parlour chains, electronics retail & much more. It has been conceptualised &
developed by industry experts with 24+ years of experience.

Who is the Entegrated PoS ideal for?

Entegrated Point of Sale Software Solution is ideal for Retail Stores, Departmental Store, Apparel Store, Grocery Shops, Restaurants or Retail Chains operating across domains and industries. We offer custom point of sale solutions for these industries and more.

Entegrated Point of Sale Software Ideal for

Typical Business Challenges that Entegrated PoS Software Solves

Lack of

No access to real-time business updates can lead to a chaotic environment resulting in delays from employee’s end affecting the entire business operations

Poor Inventory

Poor Inventory management can make you clueless and can create unnecessary confusion between all the employees making business operations difficult

Loss of Past Sales
Data/ Reports

Loss of Past sales data can be a threat as it is very essential for understanding the business performance via direct comparison with current data

Issues in Scaling Operations at Multiple Locations

Without a POS Software tracking and scaling operations at different locations can be a tedious job and it also proves difficult to track products as they are moving across different locations

Why Your Business Needs Entegrated Point of Sale Software

Shift-to-Shift Accounting Data Consolidation

A central system can be established through PoS software which gives employees changing shifts automatic status updates of earlier shift accounting data

Effective Inventory Management

Gain Smooth Business Operations Functionality by managing your inventory properly with PoS System get updated with all the details of the inventory

Cloud PoS prevents Data Loss

Critical data and Information can be stored and accessed from Cloud based PoS System so all the employees can have access to all the past data and figures

Smooth Scaling of Business Operations

Manage all your business operations across all the locations easily with PoS System and gain Operational Visibility and Business Insights

Integrations with

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Make Billing & Collection of Payments Transparent, Fast & Efficient with the best Point of Sale Solution for effective Billing at Retail Outlets