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Field Sales Force Application

Keep your Sales Team productive, up-to-date with clear targets, faster approvals and gain better business visibility with market-trusted Field Sales SFA App

The Best Field Sales App across Industries & Domains

Field Force Management Solution is just another side of the DMS as part of the integrated Distribution Solution.  Essentially, this mobile app based solution lets your Field Force/Field Sales or Van Sales Team receive instructions, report back and connect to supervisors for quick process-driven approvals. 

This field force management solution lets you track and monitor your sales staff performance with real-time insights that directly reflect on your Distribution Management Solution dashboards. The best part is your Sales Force can keep working on this application even if they lose Internet

In addition, this also seamlessly integrated with your Payroll Management solution.


Streamline your sales rep performance and track your customer interactions through a single Field Sales Mobile App.

Established Business Control

Schedule tasks and visits remotely through browser that will reflect in the Mobile version updating all the sales Executives

Automate the Sales Process

Intuitive, user friendly application automates the order processes and related activities at sales executive’s end saving lots of time

Boost Staff Productivity

Plan, execute and monitor all sales related activities including sales orders, sales targets improving sales executives performance

Real Time Sales Updates

Get up-to-second sales Insights from distributors’ end with interactive reports related to all the sales data

Field Sales Force Van Sales App Features

Competitive Advantages of using Field Force Mobile App

Easy order booking with Van Sales

Easy order booking with least human inputs making the whole sales process automated with on-thespot billing and easy collection of cash with currency bifurcation


Complete multiple tasks at one go with Sales Force Automation (SFA) and focus on important business decisions


Fulfill your business requirements with our easy to use Industry-ready Software Solution

Integration Ready with Existing Solutions

Integration compatible customized sales force application where data syncs automatically with ERP, HRMS or other software

Industries We Serve

Wonder SFA solution is the best Field Force Management Solution since it has been conceptualized and developed by industry experts with 22+ years of experience.

Who is the SFA Sales App Ideal for?

Field Force/Sales Force application works alongside DMS. It is ideal for companies that rely heavily on Field Sales or Van Sales in their distribution cycle to reach End Customers through Retail Stores. It also suits Master Distributors who are accountable for Sales Force Performance.

Business Challenges that Sales App Solves


Without a proper Software there might be a delay in delivery of goods or stock, lack of proper records increasing inter-department communication gaps

Repetitive Clerical Work

Repetitive and redundant clerical tasks increase due to manual work inputs from sales executives reducing productivity

Delay in Reports

Lack of secondary sales visibility from management or sales executive can create glitches to generate and update real-time reports

Delayed Performance Insights

Difficulty to gain updates and performance insights of Sales Executives without a proper System

Why Your Business Needs Field Sales Application

Smooth Inter-Department Communication

SFA provides real-time business updates inter-department at all the hierarchy levels making the communication sleek and smooth

Minimizes Human Errors

SFA minimizes the scope of any possible human error with Automated Sales Process putting an end to redundant clerical work and possible human errors

Real-time Business Insights & Reports

Get real-time updates of all the Sales activities and generate quick reports in less time and take faster business decisions

Quick Performance Tracking

With easy access to all the sales updates you can have employee-wise performance Insights and boost their productivity

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Ensure top-notch sales productivity across distribution channels using the best Field Sales Management Software & Mobile Application