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Transform Distributor Performance & Sales with End-to-End Distributor Software Solution

Transform Distributor Performance with Distributor Management Software

Distribution exists and it happens but how many times have we put a thought to it? The parcels we receive for everything we order ranging from food to toothpaste to our apparels reach our doorsteps through the intricate and planned back-end system called distribution.

India is a classic nation of small distributors such as shopkeepers. We have a total of 14.6 million retailers in the country (if I am to count the ‘paan-beeda’ shops as well).

Each retail point serves a nation of 1.4 billion consumers eagerly waiting for the product to reach their nearest store at arms length and indeed desire’s length. The ratio of stores to humans in the country is therefore a rather healthy one.

Therefore, the above statistics prove that the Distribution Industry in India is an important part of the economy we live in, thrive and help create every single day. But in recent years, emerging economies have turned vast and complicated with a large number of resellers and multiple branches.

In order to drive a successful distribution channel, business leaders will have to pivot towards a very strong distribution management solution strategy that is designed to manage everything from processing orders, tracking inventory levels to managing the distribution cycle.

Entegrated Distribution Management Solution designed by in-house experts at Entegrated Solution associated with the best SAP Gold Partner in India, VC ERP Consulting is a one-stop solution to streamline your distribution channels.

In this article, experts at Entegrated Solution help you understand the know-how of Entegrated Distribution Management Solution for various industries & domains.

What is Entegrated Distribution Management Software?

Entegrated Distribution Management Software is an industry-specific distribution solution that comes power-packed with an extensive set of features that offer complete visibility & control in your distribution channels. It is a holistic solution that can be easily integrated with your existing solution ecosystem.

This comprehensive solution offers – 

  • Complete Scalability to manage hundreds of users across territories
  • Serves HO, Distributors, Dealers, Sales Force, retailers & Consumers
  • Stay updated even when you are out of the office with platform usage – Web, Desktop & Mobile
  • Boost Field Sales productivity by pre-planning routes
  • Get easy access with Online as well as Offline mode
  • Manage multi-level stock and check stock availability with in-built sales cycle
  • Design customized schemes for your dealers/distributors

Now that we know the need of Entegrated DMS in your business, let us take a look at the benefits of implementing this solution.

What are the Benefits of Using Entegrated DMS for Your Business?

Gain a competitive edge in a tough business environment with Entegrated DMS that addresses the needs of Master Distributors, Super Dealers, Wholesalers and Retailers as intermediaries.

Below are some of the core benefits of Entegrated DMS for your business:

Accurate Management of Inventory

  • Track & monitor inventory at various distributor warehouses
  • Decide on which products to send to which warehouses as per the latest demand & gap scenario
  • Manage accurate orders and minimize human interventions

Dynamic Scheme Management & Promotions

  • Set up dynamic schemes & promotions for your distributors based on –
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • Region
  • Collect performance data of product lines, distributors and markets at regular intervals to set up custom promotions based on these reports
  • Set realistic and achievable targets to achieve better results from dealers and sales teams

Establish a Common Communication Platform

  • Streamline communication across all channels from payments, promotions, pricing to reporting in a common communication platform
  • Gain insights from all the parties involved in the distribution process and maintain long-term relationships with distributors

Real-Time Insights & Custom Reports

  • Get interactive insights of your field sales team, retailers and distributors with real-time reports
  • Use these insights to forecast, set goals and improves sales & operations
  • Increase field sales productivity with real-time reports and make easier business decisions

Entegrated Distribution Management Solution streamlines all distribution workflows and activities, improves supply chain efficiency, eliminates stockouts & overstocking and allows companies to access real time data from distributors.

Build Confidence in Your Distributors with Entegrated DMS Today!

Entegrated Distribution Management Solution optimizes your distribution channels. Implement this scalable enterprise solution to achieve high performance in even the most fast-moving and fragmented marketplace.

This is where Entegrated Solution comes in! Industry Experts at Entegrated Solution with 21+ years of industry experience have conceptualized & developed this distribution management software that provides complete visibility of your distribution channels. It readily integrates with your existing solution ecosystem .

Are you ready to transform your distribution processes with us? Get in touch with the best distribution management solution provider in India, Entegrated Solution. Call +91 7948998911 (India), Whatsapp +254 111229970 (Kenya), Call +1 469 915 6026 (North America) or drop an E-mail at sayhello@vc-erp.com

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