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How mobile field sales app and distribution software integration gives powerful sales performance

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday professional lives. When it comes to empowering your distribution channel, it is no different. The digital transformation of businesses has become a must, especially, for the FMCG & F&B sectors to stay competitive and reach customers where they are. 

All of this and more can be achieved using technology, streamlining distribution operations and improving employee productivity while enhancing customer experiences.

Increasing use of mobile devices and applications is helping businesses communicate and collaborate with employees and customers. Smartphones and tablets allow employees to work remotely, access information on-the-go and communicate with colleagues and customers in real-time.

And, it only makes logical sense that we leverage mobile technology to support our distribution channel initiatives. 

For scaling businesses, now is the right time to increase the use of mobility in the enterprise and look for innovative solutions to support its sales force to simplify daily tasks, boost productivity and optimize costs.

Entegrated Distribution Management Solution coupled with Entegrated Field Sales Force Application is designed to improve distribution communication channels, keeps your sales team productive and helps you gain total visibility of your business. 

Why Choose Entegrated Field Sales Force Application for your Business?

Entegrated Field Sales App is just another side of the Entegrated DMS as part of the integrated Entegrated Distribution Solution.  Essentially, this mobile app based solution lets your Field Force/Field Sales or Van Sales Team receive instructions, report back and connect to supervisors for quick process-driven approvals.

Some amazing features of Entegrated Field Sales App include:

  • SFA Order
  • No Activity
  • Feedback
  • Stock Return
  • Manager Joint Working
  • Customer Last Invoices
  • Attendance
  • MTP Request
  • MTP Status
  • MTP Approval
  • Reports
  • Customer Order Report
  • Target Vs Achievement
  • GPS Tracking Report
  • Stock Report
  • Route Execution
  • Expense Detail
  • Unplanned Order
  • Master Sync

Entegrated SFA offers capabilities for –

Dynamic Route Management

  • Easily build visit plans that –
    • Omit schedule gaps
    • Reduce unplanned downtime
    • Guide reps to maximize territories
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions to improve sales reps’ accountability and boost morale
  • Focus on uncovering opportunities in high-value areas and align activities with ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Plan your route and optimize your time to visit more customers leading to –
    • Significant increase in visits
    • Improved customer experiences
    • Subsequent sales conversions 


Optimize Order Fulfillment

  • Capture sales orders sooner and faster, increasing revenue streams
  • Get complete, real-time information about order statuses at every point in the order lifecycle
  • Automate data entry and seek route approvals leading to quick sales order processing
  • Minimize human errors and optimize business costs
  • Easy order booking with least human inputs making the whole sales process automated with on-the-spot billing and easy collection of cash with currency bifurcation

Maximize Team Efficiency

  • Keep product catalogues, product pricing and order history information on fingertips
  • Centralize orders in one location, track order statuses and check order history
  • Plan, execute and monitor all sales related activities including sales orders, sales targets improving sales executives performance

Real Time Monitoring & Actionable Insights

  • Get up-to-second sales Insights from distributors’ end with interactive reports related to all the sales data
  • Receive complete insights on –
    • Employee field attendance
    • Employee location
    • Field visit check-in/out report
    • Monthly Tour Plan report
    • TA/DA calculation as per distance travelled
    • Selfie capture with geotagging feature
  • With easy access to all the sales updates you can have employee-wise performance Insights and boost their productivity

Entegrated Field Sales App provides real-time business updates inter-department at all the hierarchy levels making the communication sleek and smooth. 

Who is Entegrated Field Sales App Ideal for?

Entegrated Field Force Application is designed to support companies that rely on field sales or van sales as a critical part of their distribution strategy. The application provides tools to manage and optimize the sales process, from customer acquisition to order fulfillment.

The application is particularly suitable for companies that operate in retail environments and rely on retail stores to reach end customers. 

Using Entegrated Field Force Mobile App, field sales representatives can easily capture customer information, track inventory levels, and place orders directly from the retail store. It also suits Master Distributors who are accountable for Sales Force Performance.

  • Field Sales Executives
  • Van Sales Executives
  • Zonal/City/State Leads
  • Sales Managers

Now let us dive deeper to understand the benefits of using Entegrated Field Sales App for your business. Let us check them out. 

Benefits of Entegrated Field Sales Application

  • Streamline secondary sales execution with real-time connectivity between sales reps, distributors and retailers
  • Entegrated SFA tracks field sales activities and drives the on-ground execution of company strategy
  • Get detailed insights about outlet revenue, sales reps performance and information about latest pricing, schemes and offers
  • Route planning helps to easily align your sales reps with distributor schedules
  • Reduce the time to record orders, enhance order size through dynamic scheme suggestion and maximize sales

By using Entegrated Field Sales App, businesses can streamline their sales operations, improve collaboration with distributors and drive profitable sales through targeted, effective promotions. 


Looking into the future, demand for mobile service apps will increase to become more powerful and versatile. With the advent of the latest technologies, the mobile industry as a whole looks very promising.

Digital transformation initiatives are bringing more and more devices online. This will create emerging opportunities for sophisticated applications like Entegrated Field Sales Application that ensures top-notch sales productivity across distribution channels.

Get in touch with the best integrated, end-to-end distribution management solution & Field Sales App provider in India, Kenya and GCC at Entegrated Solution. Call +91 7948998911 (India), Whatsapp +254 111229970 (Kenya), Call +1 469 915 6026 (North America) or drop an E-mail at sales@entegratedsolution.com today. 

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