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How to streamline Secondary Sales using Entegrated FMCG Distribution Solution

How to streamline secondary sales in your FMCG business using Distribution Solution

Secondary sales in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry refers to the sales of goods that occur after the primary sale from the manufacturer to the distributor. Secondary sales typically happen when the distributor sells the product to the retailer, who then sells it to the end-consumer. However, despite the challenges the industry has tremendous growth potential which can be harnessed using technology such as Entegrated FMCG Distribution Solution.

The term “secondary sales” is used to distinguish these sales from the primary sale from the manufacturer to the distributor. The measurement of secondary sales is used by FMCG companies as a key metric to track the success of their distribution network and to understand the demand for their products in the market.

In reality, the sales and distribution departments in the FMCG industry are interconnected as the sales department drives revenue by selling products through various distribution channels, while the distribution department ensures the availability and efficient delivery of the products to the customers.

Secondary Sales challenges that Entegrated FMCG Distribution Solution Solves

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is constantly evolving and companies are facing new challenges every day. From managing distributors and supply chain to ensuring timely delivery and meeting customer demands, FMCG companies face a range of complex and interrelated challenges.

Incomplete and delayed data

Inadequate or delayed secondary sales data can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue for FMCG companies.

Manual and error-prone processes

Manual data entry and calculations in secondary sales management can lead to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

Limited visibility into channel performance

FMCG companies often struggle to gain a comprehensive view of channel performance, which can impact decision-making and strategy.

Difficulty in tracking and managing incentive programs

Incentive programs can be challenging to manage, particularly in the absence of an automated system, which can lead to errors and reduced program effectiveness.

High turnover rates and lack of trained personnel

The FMCG industry has a high turnover rate, and the lack of trained personnel can impact secondary sales management processes and outcomes.

In order to counter these challenges and streamline sales, Entegrated Distribution Solution offers FMCG companies an integrated distribution management software and field sales mobile app that streamline secondary sales processes.

With real-time data visibility, automated MIS reporting and a user-friendly interface, Entegrated DMS enables FMCG companies track sales and distributor performance at the same time.

In addition, Entegrated Field Sales app allows Van Sales to manage their sales territories, optimize routes, and improve their productivity.

The mobile app facilitates order management, inventory tracking, and payment collection, leading to better collaboration between sales and distributors, higher profits, and improved end customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive deeper.

How Entegrated FMCG Distribution Solution helps Streamline Secondary Sales

Streamlining secondary sales in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry involves implementing processes and systems that improve the efficiency and accuracy of sales and distribution – essentially automation with quality benchmarking of standard operating procedures.

Real-time visibility into sales and inventory data

Entegrated Distribution Solution provides real-time visibility into sales and inventory data, enabling FMCG companies to track and manage their sales and inventory data more efficiently and avoid mismanagement.

Automated MIS reporting for data-driven decision-making

Automated MIS reporting empowers FMCG companies to make informed decisions based on data insights, improving their decision-making process.

Improved collaboration between sales and distributors

The solution facilitates better collaboration between sales and distributors, improving communication and ensuring that goals are aligned, resulting in increased profits.

Efficient FMCG distribution and sales management

Entegrated Distribution seamlessly integrates within your existing ERP, HRMS, Accounting or Payroll solution. Using automated workflows, it automates tasks based on standard operating procedures for each distribution channel reducing inefficiencies, errors, and costs.

Accurate sales forecasting and demand planning

This integrated solution collects data on a centralized database with controlled access to stakeholders. It can further be integrated with a Business Intelligence solution such as Power BI to gather accurate sales forecasting and demand planning insights.

As a result, FMCG companies can avoid overstocking or understocking, reducing costs, and seizing sales opportunities and do much more across their sales and distribution operations.

Take Secondary Sales to the Next Level using Entegrated FMCG Distribution Solution

Entegrated Distribution Solution is a game-changer for FMCG companies looking to streamline their secondary sales operations. With integrated distribution management software and a field sales mobile app, Entegrated helps companies overcome distribution challenges, improve collaboration, and gain real-time visibility into sales data. Make informed decisions and optimize your supply chain with Entegrated Distribution Solution.

In conclusion, managing secondary sales is a critical aspect of FMCG distribution, and companies need to address the challenges to stay competitive. By leveraging technology solutions such as Entegrated Distribution Solution, companies can streamline their operations, improve collaboration between stakeholders, and gain real-time visibility into sales data. With a data-driven approach to sales and distribution, FMCG companies can make informed decisions and optimize their supply chain, leading to higher profits and customer satisfaction.

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